2012 Begins!

And so it begins…..a New Year…..New Commitments….New Comings and Goings…..New Housing Market…..and our Presidential Elections. I’m excited to have seen the past 4 years in my rear view mirror although I have met some fabulous people and had a great time.

I’m trying to focus on enjoying the moment, something I have sadly lacked in my life. My actual tendency is to fret over meaningless and meaningful details in every aspect of my life and I am determined to seriously reign that tendency in. That fretting in many ways is beneficial to my clients as I’m proactive, detail oriented and conscientious to the extreme. Those tendencies will certainly continue but I am determined to stop the fretting part. Worrying today over things you have no control of today robs of you the strength you need to actually deal with tomorrow. Commonsense and biblical:)

I intend to continue to get in better shape and better health. My husband and I are blessed with continued basically good health but for a few nagging aches and pains, however I intend to lose more weight and work out more often, longer, and with weights! Maybe Zumba is in my future. We’ll have to wait and see:)

I will continue to increase my knowledge. When I was a child, I read biographies frequently. One thing I learned is that Miles Keogh’s horse was the sole cavalry survivor in the battle of the Little Big Horn with Custer and Sitting Bull. I’ve been meaning to google that and check the facts as well as my memory. My current trend is to either read real estate articles or suspense/action books. I think I can do better than that. Striving for a balance between escaping and de-stressing and learning is one of my goals.

I will continue to provide my clients with stellar service. I love working with other agents who go out of their way to assist you in providing information or cooperation through transactions. I always strive to be that agent that every other agent wants to work with to a successful conclusion. And I love getting referrals from very satisfied customers. In advance I say thanks to you satisfied customers for sharing my name and work ethic with your friends and family!

I will further develop relationships with my friends. My tendency when I’m done working (which is often 50 – 70 hours/week) is to go home and isolate myself. Well, I do get to spend time with my husband of 35 years, Stephem, but in general, I make sure I get quiet time. I do love my quiet time but if I intend to work on myself as well as my personal relationships with others, I will need to get up and do it. Back to balance.

I intend to give thoughtful consideration to our coming Presidential Elections. I am not tied to either party and think both parties have it right and wrong. Research is in my future, here. I am hoping that America does the same. I’m compassionate, fiscally conservative, and both socially liberal in some ways and conservative in others, and a capitalist who wants everyone to have fabulous opportunities and for us to take really good care of the world around us. You see my dilemma. A middle of the road party would work really well for me. More balance!

I intend to continue to work for various projects in our community…via Rotary and the YMCA. Those organizations do a lot of worthy things for our community and I am very supportive of those efforts and actually involved in many volunteer hours. While I will continue to do that this year….well, back to balance!

And finally, last but not least, I wish you all a fabulous 2012 and look forward to sharing with you all a wonderful journey full of financial stability, excellent relationships, and fun, fun, fun!

Happy New Year!

Posted on January 4, 2012 at 11:32 am
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