New Data on Housing Market Indicates we’re Bouncing on the Bottom

Depending on your neighborhood, you may have noticed home sales improving and you’ve certainly read about those facts. We’re still a ways from the absolute bottom and stabilization in my opinion. Despite the fact that home sales have increased in the 2nd Q of 2009, still, we’re waiting to see that kind of improvement in homes priced over $300,000 in Everett North to Skagit. In a normal housing market, you’d have move up buyers by the scad loads from selling their lower end homes, but due to short sales and foreclosures, the typical move up buyer can’t move up. However, there is more good news every day. Check out this AP Article about the Nationwide Trend.,2933,536124,00.html

Posted on August 1, 2009 at 5:09 pm
Debbie Barger Smith | Category: Uncategorized

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