MSN Announces Great Time To Buy

There are lots of articles available for your viewing pleasure lately. Let’s face it, the media does just so love to sensationalize the vast majority of information floating around out there. I’ve chosen to pick and choose what I post here. The market is what it is and will turn around. This also happened to almost this extent in our area from 1990 – 1991 and almost 1992. It was tough then for Sellers to see the market go from huge price increases to price falls. It is tough now. But for Buyers…we’re in an opportunity not seen for a long, long time! And in case you’re wondering if it is tme for you to get off that fence and ride…’s an interesting article. This indicates that real estate is still a fabulous investment. See what you think!

Posted on February 25, 2009 at 10:39 am
Debbie Barger Smith | Category: Uncategorized

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